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About Us

The company was active in the Cypriot market in 1991 initially under the brand name Bit Hotel Software Ltd while in 2010 it was renamed B.I.T. Smartsoft Ltd. 
The main object of the company was the computerization of hotel and food companies with software systems that represented exclusively in the Cypriot market.

Seeing the problems and weaknesses of the imported software, in 1998 she turned to research with the aim of developing her own software in windows technology.
At the beginning of 2003 the goal became a reality after presenting fully integrated software solutions for 3 important business sectors:

Hotel management:

A wide range of computerization products that allow the hotel to operate in the most efficient way. Automatizations like the synchronizing the reservations through online channels to your PMS system and many more, minimizes the possibilities for errors and allow you to focus on welcoming your guests.

Business Management Solutions

: In Smartsoft we understand that the more important aspect in a business is keeping in touch with your customers. To allow you to focus on your customers we provide you the tools to free up your time and clear your mind

Food & Beverage industry solutions

With more than 80(?) cafes bars and restaurants smart soft offers an integrated solution that covers all needs of running a business.

With more than 25 years of experience, BIT SmartSoft Ltd continues to be one of the most reliable and promising information technology companies in Cyprus and Greece. As a pioneer in the computerization of the HORECA industry, SmartSoft is trusted by more than 80 loyal customers.

Our Philosophy

By setting the conditions for the development of our company’s software, we tried based on our experience to keep the positives and to avoid the negatives that we experienced from our long experience in the hotel space, either as application operators, analysts or developers.The choice of one of the top databases in the world was made to offer great security and high speeds in the storage and management of large volumes of data as well as control of the data by the customer himself. The common database and the unified design give the advantage that all parameters and data are registered only once and can be used by all system applications. We created the necessary infrastructure technologies aiming from the beginning to offer our customer the functionality he needs in every phase of his business development. In addition, the open architecture of the whole system as well as the fact that the report code of each application is inside the database allows the construction or change of all reports. Our goal was and remains to ensure the longevity of the client’s investment.

A team dedicated
to client success

Nikos Gougoutzis

Managing Director

Michalis Samios

Development Director

Fanis Mardas

Director of Support Department

Maria Euthimiou

Head of Finance

Antonia Onoufriou

Head of customer support

Marianna Samiou

Front End Developer

Grigoris Samios

Full Stack Developer

Ioannis Mardas

Web Developer - Seo Specialist

Serving a diverse client base with great software

When it comes to projects, there are no cultural or geographical boundaries. We at Bit SmartSoft Ltd. acknowledge and respect the diversity of our clients and we deploy our solutions globally. Our experience working with clients across the globe has allowed us to transcend a "one size fits all" mentality and understand the preferences and needs of clients regardless of their ethnic, social or economic background.

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