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SMART Hotel PMS is a property management system that offers the most powerful and cost-effective way to help you manage your hotel operations.

SMART Hotel PMS is a property management system that offers the most powerful and cost-effective way to help you manage your hotel operations. It has been designed by an expert team of hoteliers and software experts under the guidance of hospitality professionals. Our system takes care of all your important operations, which will help you plan and execute the day smoothly. In today’s fast-paced environment it is important to have a hotel software designed for maximum efficiency. Our PMS should provide an efficient way for you to manage all your guest operations.

Beautifully Intuitive Interfaces

Rest assured, SmartSoft’s advanced PMS system offers a variety of views providing important information like Guest Names, Room Type and the Status of the Room which helps you Track and Manage all the Reservation at your property. As per your requirement, you can select the most preferred interface or easily switch from one interface to another.

Uniquely Toolbar Modules

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Uniquely PMS Toolbar Modules Το SmartSoft PMS είναι ένα πλήρες, αυτοματοποιημένο και ευέλικτο σύστημα Online διαχείρισης καταλυμάτων που έχει σχεδιαστεί για να αυξάνει την παραγωγικότητα και τα έσοδα για όλους τους τύπους των ξενοδοχείων!

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Profile Management.

Our profile management module is powerful and easy to use and understand. It has everything you need to help you maintain your valuable relationships. You can manage all the information of your guests and partner companies. It provides easy access to all the information related to hotel activities and guest and partner company careers.


Cooperation Profiles

Cooperation Profiles in SmartSoft  Hotel PMS  lets you store and access all the key information and point of contact, this lets you and your team work closely with the OTA partner. It is equally important for hotel to properly manage your cooperations with all your partners.


A centralized Smart PMS reservation system is a key solution to increasing your hotel's revenue and reducing costs

A centralized reservation system is a key solution to increasing your hotel’s revenue and reducing costs. With our centralized reservation solution, you can manage every type of reservation scenario: online reservations, walk-in reservations and corporate accounts. While making your reservations, the quick access to the functions and easy to understand GUI of our reservation system makes it effortless to carry out everyday operation.

Reservation Management

Smart-PMS Reservation Module

Reservations are one of the most important parts of any hotel, and our Reservation Module simplifies the process bringing efficiency without compromising your time. With control over reservations and bookings for your hotel, it allows better control over the quality of service provided to your guests.

Manage all hotel reservations, including room rates and occupancy levels, with the ease of a single dashboard. Hotel PMS automatically combines filters with all reservation types and displays them in a user-friendly dashboard.

Group management is the key to making group bookings easy. With group management, you can create, edit and manage groups conveniently. With the group management feature, you can easily make confirm a group booking or change its availability. You can also check-in and check-out individual members of the group with ease.

The hotel software supports groups with its advanced feature of checking guests in as a group. You can even check out individuals from the group separately and clear a specific transaction within the group separately. This makes managing large groups easy and allows you to save time when it comes to processing charges on a per person basis.

Booking a group of travelers is as easy as doing an individual booking in SmartSoft  Hotel PMS.  You can mark rooms both confirmed or unconfirmed depending on your preference. This gives you control over how you want to handle this capacity management.

We have designed our booking process to be as simple as possible, while making sure that you require minimum number of inputs. The flow has been designed keeping in mind the complexity of various bookings and hence it is structured very logically.

It is important for hoteliers to be able to manage their guests information in chance of overbooking. Keep a full detailed list of the virtual rooms of guests who stay in  other accommodations and get charged in your hotel.

 Plans for quick and easy access to information related to room availability.

Being able to allocate rooms based on preference is a great way to make sure your guests are happy and comfortable during their stay. After a long and tiring day of travel, it can be difficult to imagine anything else besides relaxing in the comfort of your own private room.

Booking a room for an event, training or meeting has never been so easy. With the system, you can choose the room number, room type and even combination of both without any error during booking process. This is a great feature as it ensures that any potential guest will use our website and make a booking without any trouble.


SmartSoft Hotel PMS


Easy management of the allotments with your external and touring partners. Allotment and commitment contracts are supported.

Rate Management

SmartSoft  Hotel PMS is packed with revenue related tools which lets you create competitive rates while keeping an eye on your profit margins. Advanced revenue reports provide you keen insight in your hotel’s finances which allows you to build a a better profit making strategy and driving up your hotel revenue.

At hotel PMS, having the ability to access information easily and in a fast way is the key to any successful operation. We want you to have the best possible experience with our product so we go out of our way to make sure all the various rate plans available at your disposal are just a click away. With this ability you are able to view all the options easily and make an informed decision in order meet and exceed your guests’ expectations. 

At hotel PMS, having the ability to access information easily and in a fast way is the key to any successful operation.

Check Availability

With our Reservation solution, you can easily check availability for group bookings and individual bookings. Having all the key information displayed right on the screen helps you make quick decisions and process bookings quickly.

You can set up different rates for weekdays and weekends, as well as an extra charge for adults and children. These rates will then be applied to your hotel’s base rate, so you know how much it costs to book a hotel room every time.

We have created an easy to use tool which lets you define which rates are taxable and which are not. It is important for hoteliers to know what services are taxed for the ease of their guests, especially when using third party booking systems or other online booking channels.

With our Reservation solution, you can easily check availability for group bookings and individual bookings.

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Reception Operations

SmartSoft  Hotel PMS is a hotel software designed specifically for the front desk operations of hotels. The software features an easy to use GUI that acts as a hub to display all the information needed by hotel staff while they perform their different duties. 

Conventional Chart

See your room occupancy with a live and active organized visual way. It also has drag and drop mode for room and reservation period changes. This plan provides many conveniences in organization and observation of your rooms’ occupations


The check-in process is crucial to shaping a great guest experience and creating a desire to return. From the moment the guest arrives at your hotel, until the moment he leaves, your team will be able to work minimalizing the delay in front of the reseption desk.

If you are running a hotel or hospitality business such as inn, resort, guest house and many more, then you need to manage the guest bills at different times. There may be several ways in which charges can be added to the bill. The list of these charges can be configured beforehand and they will show up whenever a request comes in. If there is an additional charge that is not available in the system, we can also add any custom charge manually based on your request. All charges are accurately reflected in all reports available in the application making it easier to track them.

With the SmartSoft Hotel PMS, you can easily send out notifications from one console application to another computer/device as per pre-configured settings. This helps you to increase your productivity by sending messages internally within your organization, for example: sending room status request notification for housekeeping staff, confirmations of booking requests or even hotel promotions etc.

If you are looking for a unique day-use service feature, this is it! The Day Use feature will enable you to cater to corporate guests who are looking for a place to freshen up and rest before taking on their travels or transit passengers who need just a place to lay over before they continue their journey. Here the guests book to stay during the day without staying overnight and check-out within the same day.

Flexibility is critical to the hospitality and travel industries. Some of our hotels feature policies for early check in when a guest has special needs such as a family emergency or an unexpected flight cancellation. Regardless of the reason, our system automatically allows you to charge your guest’s credit card an additional fee at the time of reservation and it will be instantly applied to their bill during check in.


The check-out process is one of the most critical functions of a hotel if not the most important it will leave a lasting impression on guests. In the process, you can generate invoices in no time, charge extras and process payments while offering guests the service they deserve. The system will let you split bills and charge towards the room or guest name, save guest details for future use and much more. To make things more convenient, zero balance check-outs feature ensures that until payment is cleared the process cannot be completed.

As a hotelier, you want to make sure your guests check out on time. So, if they leave you can charge them with late check out charges.

SmartSoft Hotel PMS has a full set of operations that makes guest billing quick and easy. Hotel guests are sure to appreciate the ease of use when it comes to managing their bookings, checking out and knowing exactly what they have to pay for.

In House Operations

The features and tools for conducting in-house operations have been developed by working closely with the industry experts.  The features will help you speed-up your housekeeping services, payroll and maintenance with relative ease.

House Keeping.

In SmartSoft  Hotel PMS, house keeping module gives you complete picture of housekeeping operations. Running an efficient housekeeping team and running operations without hiccups is no easy task but SmartSoft  Hotel PMS house keeping module does that effectively by displaying real time information. Cleanliness reflects the image of a hotel and leaves a long lasting impression on guests.

Say goodbye to overbookings

Using Smart Hotel PMS, you have full visibility into your hotel property management system, booking engine, and OTA channels at all times. Streamline reservation management and front office operations with a central reservation calendar. You can automatically update your availability everywhere with just one click.


The financial data of your guests are organized to folios. Folders that gather the charges in room or arrangement and extra level. From our folio system it is capable for you to create non guest folios and see your external partners’ charges.

Folio and Taxes

Easy to produce and issue any kind of invoice.

Register all cash income of all hotel departments.

There is a connection with accounting services. If your accounting protocol exists in our database system the connection is automated and a file is just one click away. If not, we can also connect to your accounting system. Just provide us with the required protocol.

There is support for stay taxes, that apply in some countries, such Greece.

Night Audit

The Night Audit process in SmartSoft PMS is done with a single click, which automatically puts together the summary of the day’s activities for verification. The management and accounting team will get a complete picture of the previous day, making it easy for evaluation. Night Audit helps to ensure that your hotel operations are running smoothly.


A full set of reports about occupancy and financial information related to all hotel activities that cover all the hotelier’s needs

Configuration and Settings

The application’s settings and configuration are full parameterialized. It is important to personalize according to your hotel’s needs.

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