SmartSoft Point of Sale System handles the entire process from request for delivery to payment collection and reconciliation.

Point of Sale

SmartSoft POS is a feature-rich, scalable and easy to use Point of Sale Software. Its modern and elegant design makes it a perfect fit for any business looking for an intuitive and easy to use point of sale solution.
It works as the interface between the guest and the staff, thereby catering to all their needs. SmartSoft Point of Sale System handles the entire process from request for delivery to payment collection and reconciliation.

SmartSoft Point of Sale System (POS) will streamline your entire business operations. The seamlessly integrated solution is easy to implement and manage and is suitable for Restaurants, Bars, Cafe, Retail or any other type of products or services you offer. Manage your hotel’s room service, banquet operations and billing operations effortlessly with SmartSoft POS.

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Retail Sales

SmartSoft Point of Sale System is a customer-facing retail management system that can be used by both small and large businesses. With this solution, retailers can manage their sales, finances, inventory and customers from a single integrated desktop application. This solution is scalable to fit the needs of retailers of all sizes, from single-user stores to national chains with hundreds of users.

Dine In

SmartSoft POS offers tools to help you manage your business more efficiently. From your Smartphone, Tablet or Web Browser, you can view the seating arrangements in the system, the tables are display live status of individual tables, from reserved, occupied, vacant, unsettled and more. It has an extensive reporting system, multi-user permission based access and multiple screens to help manage your business more efficiently.


POS app lets you manage, track and analyze all the orders from your restaurant in an efficient way. You can maintain customer database with complete information of your customers for your regular deliveries. You can map the route of your delivery drivers with built in map generation capability which will help them to reach customer's doorstep easily and quickly.

Take Away

SmartSoft Point of Sale System offers a number of functions that make ordering takeaways easier for guests and more efficient for your staff. Split orders, merge orders, reprint orders, or settle them with the guest check function.

Kiosk Mode

SmartSoft Point of Sale System is a powerful Point of Sale Software that gives your guests full control over the ordering process. Guests can easily select items, apply item modifiers and confirm orders in Kiosk Mode for fast and efficient service. The Kiosk mode is perfect for hotel room service and fast service restaurants.

Room Service

SmartSoft POS seamless integration with PMS, gives you full access to the guest database from the PMS ensuring that you can charge the bill straight away to their room. You can even set credit limits and settle payment in different ways as per their request. Plus, you can even check consumed arrangements of the guest.

Billing Operations

Billing is the most critical and also the final stage of a sales process. It manages order invoicing, payment processing and delivery scheduling while ensuring that there are no gaps between order and delivery processes.

SmartSoft Point of Sale System (POS) will streamline your entire business operations

SmartSoft POS comes with various payment options like cash, cheque, credit card, debit/credit card and reward/loyalty points. This feature enables you to settle bills in any way your customer wishes. For regular guests you can add the bill to credit account and even add to the room folio of in-house guests. SmartSoft POS can interface with payment gateways and third party loyalty systems available in the industry.

SmartSoft POS makes it easy to keep track of orders, ensure they are correct and charge them promptly. It also allows you to void items on the fly, so if a customer doesn’t want something or wants something taken off their order, you can do this without having to create a new bill. Plus, voided items are recorded in the system and can be viewed anytime in reports.

One of the most common features requested by guests is the ability to split bills. SmartSoft POS makes it easy to split bills as per your requirements. You have complete freedom to split bills per seat or item wide. Move accounts from one table to another and merge accounts on a table as well.

Menu Management and Item Modifiers

SmartSoft POS can be used for any number of purposes ranging from a restaurant menu to a warehouse inventory management system.

SmartSoft POS can be used for any number of purposes ranging from a restaurant menu to a warehouse inventory management system. With SmartSoft POS, you can create as many as menus you require with each menu having its own menu groups, menu sub groups, item types, groups, rates and items modifiers. Additional item recipes created in the system also ensures that consumption is tracked accurately as stock and inventory is updated in real time. Multi barcodes per item is also supported.

Trying to find the most flexible and
easily customizable POS software for your business?

Inventory and Stock Management

SmartSoft Point of Sale software has features that help maintain your inventory. The sophisticated inventory and stock management module allows you to efficiently manage the company’s stock. The advance tracking and reports keep you up to date with the inventory levels and see the fluctuating demands in your store. You can update inventory with purchases, imports and exports from or to other sub stores, internal orders to company’s central warehouse, record destructions and item recipes production.

SmartSoft POS software has features that help maintain your inventory

The SmartSoft Point of Sale is designed to provide you with the detailed information of your inventory, and help you manage your stock. With real-time inventory, ingredient levels and other items, we have provided one of the best solutions for control over all items.

SmartSoft POS provides a mechanism to set minimum and maximum inventory levels item wise, when the level reaches the threshold in either of the scenarios, the system will alert you ensuring that you are never overstock or understock..

 POS provides the ability to initiate transfers of items and stock between different stores or departments.

Kitchen Display System

The POS is the ideal solution for fast production and delivery. Regardless of what the order type is, your kitchen receives the order instantly in the Kitchen Display System. The KDS displays all the current, pending and served orders on the screen, ensuring that your staff can serve customers with accuracy.

Table Reservation Management

Smart POS provides a view of your restaurant’s floor status of tables which are reserved or waited on. This makes it easy for you to reserve a table for your in house guests using separated serving zones.

Time Attendance

SmartSoft Point of Sale lets you set up a barcode system that helps track your entire inventory. You can set up codes, categories, and names for each of the items and act accordingly as per your convenience. Barcodes are one of the fastest ways to sell or retrieve data in a seconds, thus making SmartSoft POS a convenient software tool

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

With the ability to save items on the basis of codes, categories, and names (obviously),SmartSoft POS also helps you manage your inventory using barcodes for a quicker and easier access. You can scan barcodes while configuring your items, and use your barcode scanner to sell or manage your items swiftly. SmartSoft POS integrates with all major brands of barcode scanners available in the market. You can check here, the list of barcode scanners integrated with SmartSoft. Feel free to contact the support department, if you do not see your device listed and want us to interface it with SmartSoft POS.

SmartSoft POS works with all POS printers that have a working windows driver. You can set the receipt layout with custom templates available in SmartSoft POS. SmartSoft POS also integrates with Fiscal printers available in the market.

SmartSoft POS accepts different kitchen printers to print the KOT’s for every menu group prepared in different kitchen areas.

SmartSoft POS provide a simple way to manage rates of a menu item in special offers. You can set ‘Happy hour’, ‘Personel hour’ rates, giving the time period and days of the week you want the special offer to be active. 

SmartSoft POS is integrated with a variety of third-party hardware. Can manage your Cash Drawers, Customer Display devices, Scan barcodes, Weigh Scales and more. SmartSoft POS integrates with them all. Our development team can easily make integrations provided the device interface.

Using SmartSoft POS you can split or merge receipts on the basis of menu item quantity. Transfer receipts from one table to other is also available.

Trying to find the most flexible and
easily customizable POS software for your business?

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